Водяные насосы на солнечных батареях

Солнечная энергия

Solar pumps are unique in electrical and mechanical designs. Traditional water pumps, without access to grid power supply, cannot provide satisfactory performance because they were not designed with energy efficiency as the core. In residential areas with mass water supply needs, solar water pumps are required to work as soon as water is in demand, instead of only being used under the sunlight. Thus, energy storage back-up power is absolute necessary to meet the water supplying demands. In consideration of the influence by weather, off-grid and other factors, solar water pump is better to be equipped with a powerful lithium iron phosphate back-up battery. EEMB can provide an optimal LiFePO4 battery solution for solar water pumps in the open air.

Основные характеристики

Excellent charging and discharging performance

High discharge rate up to 10C, high power and stable voltage output ensure the normal operation of water pumps. Reliable backup power source in off-grid powered situation.

Backup power source

Elaborate designed lithium battery is integrated with solar components. The battery, which stores solar energy, can play a role of backup power supply and keep water pumps working when an off-grid situation occurs.

Характеристики аккумулятора

Номинальное напряжение:24В

Максимальный ток заряда: 1С

Тип химии: Литий-железофосфат

Рабочая температура: -10℃~60℃

Номинальная емкость: 140Ач

Максимальный ток разряда: 2С

Встроенная схема защиты (PCM)




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