Освещение газонов на солнечных батареях

Солнечная энергия

Solar lawn lights, light up your garden and porch with solar power, mainly applied in flower bed, pool sides, deck and other places needing illumination. Solar Lawn Lights are powered by rechargeable batteries and will charge by solar power during the day, and light up automatically when darkness falls and stay lightening all night. To take our recent project in Japan market for instance, the well-praised battery model is 12V10Ah lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, and its prior advantage lie in: super long cycle life and high energy density.

Основные характеристики

Super long cycle life.

LiFeO4 batteries own almost 4 times longer cycle life than traditional lead acid batteries, reaching 2000 charging and discharging cycles. Great durability can meet lightening demand in both residential and commercial locations.

Excellent high & low temperature performance

EEMB lithium iron phosphate batteries can accommodate various weather changes with a operation temperature range of -20℃~60℃, providing all-year-round power support for lawn lights.

Характеристики аккумулятора

Номинальное напряжение: 12.8В

Кол-во циклов: >2000

Тип химии: Литий-железофосфат (LiFePO4)

Температура разряда: -10~60℃

Номинальная емкость: 10Ач

Энергия: 120Втч

Температура заряда: 0~45℃

Встроенная схема защиты (PCM)




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