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No matter in what the occasions, we are always attracted by the dazzling show lights on the stage. Concerned of show lights, what most people do not know is that they are powered by batteries. Therefore, batteries’ durability, stability, portability, and safety are important determiners of stage lighting effects. EEMB’s lithium iron phosphate battery can be an optimal solution for show light power supply.

Основные характеристики

Long cycle life

Cycle life over 2000 times, offers a reliable ensurance for show lights’ long time usage.

Stable charge and discharge performance

Stable electrical characteristics provides great foundation for long-term usage and possibility for versatile applications. The constant output current can support stable lighting without accidental flashing.

Green battery with 0 pollution

Free from poisonous or harming substances, no environmental pollution, ensuring the perfect operation of stage show lights.

Характеристики аккумулятора

Характеристики: 36В

Тип химии: Литий-железофосфат

Максимальный ток заряда: 1С

Встроенная схема защиты (PCM)

Характеристики: 8Ач

абочая температура: -10℃~60℃

Максимальный ток разряда: 2С




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