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Portable refrigerator is an amazing invention that can make your journey enjoyable and full of fun by carrying home-cooked foods with you. However, powering a portable refrigerator can be a challenging problem as it works based on temporary power sources. To keep you off the trouble, EEMB works hard to provide an excellent lithium iron phosphate battery solution for portable refrigerator: This lithium battery for portable refrigerator utilizes high quality lithium iron phosphate battery cell with advantages like small size, light weight, long cycle life and environmental-friendly feature. Compared with ordinary refrigerator batteries on the market, EEMB’s own higher energy density, longer power supply, no memory effect and better safety performance and stability.

Основные характеристики

High energy density

Energy density refers to the electricity released by average unit volume or average unit weight of the battery. Generally, lithium-ion battery, with the same size of Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery, may own 1.8~2.5 times more energy density. More electric power can be outputted by lithium battery to supply longer run time for portable refrigerator in outdoor trips.

Low energy self-consumption

Normal Ni-MH rechargeable batteries suffer from a very high self-discharge rate. This means that the battery will run down in a matter of weeks or months even when it’s just sitting there in the package or a switched-off device. Thus, lithium batteries with low self-discharge rate become a better option for electricity -consumed applications. With lower energy consumption of the internal circuit, more power can be supplied to the devices being used.

Характеристики аккумулятора

Характеристики: 12В

Тип химии: Литий-железофосфат (LiFePO4)

Максимальный ток заряда: 1С

Встроенная схема защиты (PCM)

Характеристики: 20Ач

Рабочая температура: -10℃~60℃

Максимальный ток разряда: 2С




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