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Lithium Ion Phosphate battery has become the new trend in the industry. Unlike the traditional lead acid battery, lithium battery has been substantially improved in its electric characteristics, and as a result, it will provide you with a green energy solution.
Lithium battery has become a preferred solution for electric car power supplies due to its light weight and low maintenance characteristics. Since lithium battery supplies the same voltage as lead acid battery, there will be no modifications needed on the golf cart. Although the initial costs of replacement may be higher, the benefit of lithium battery’s performance will outweigh the cost. EEMB lithium battery will maintain 80% of its rated capacity after 2000 cycles. In other words, when the battery is new, your golf cart can go 100 miles after being fully charged, and after 2000 cycles, your golf cart can go 80 miles.

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Longer Life

Traditional lead acid batteries last on average 200 cycles in a golf carts. After approximately 100 cycles, lead acid batteries may produce less than half of their rated capacity. On the other hand, the new advanced EEMB lithium ion phosphate batteries have a life expectancy of 1000 cycles. Therefore, lithium ion batteries will most likely provides you with the most cost efficient solution.

Fast Charge

To be energy efficient and cost efficient, lithium battery has become the new trend for electric golf carts. When you charge lead acid batteries, you may lose energy from the charger to the battery. In other words, you are wasting energy while charging the battery. However, lithium battery can be charged at a faster rate and energy efficient.

Light Weight

Lithium batteries weigh lighter than average lead acid batteries in an electric golf carts. By replacing lead acid battery with lithium ion batteries, you will need less energy to bring the cart to the same speed as using lead acid battery.

Характеристики аккумулятора

Номинальное напряжение: 48В

Тип химии: Литий-железофосфат

Кол-во циклов: >1000

Температура разряда: -10~60℃

Номинальная емкость: 20Ач

Энергия: 960Втч

Температура заряда: 0~45℃

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